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Borrow money with low income | Take out a small short loan

If you want to borrow money while you have a low income then you know that you cannot borrow as much money. You will then soon arrive at the mini loan or the mini credit. Since you can borrow a maximum of 1000 euros with this loan and you have a low income, this may be the only option.

Low income and borrow money quickly

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The main feature of the mini loan is that it is a small short loan. Ideal to just get rid of your balance dip or to temporarily create more financial room. This is also the reason why people with a low income apply for a small short loan just as quickly. It is often used to pay an unpaid invoice or to replace a device that has failed. Because the small short loan can be applied for quickly, you have money in your account quickly and that is ideal in such cases.

Small short loan with BKR

Small short loan with BKR


Apart from the fact that you can quickly apply for this small short loan, even with a low income, the mini-credit also has an advantage. Namely that the mini credit can also be requested with a BKR coding. So if you are registered negatively, it is still possible to apply for a small loan. A BKR coding is annoying enough in itself but despite this it is still possible to borrow money even with a low income. This is not possible, for example, if you want to take out a personal loan.

Borrow money within 1 day

Borrow money within 1 day


As you can read, you can borrow money within 1 day with a low income. You will have to take some time to compare the mini loans. Due to the quick handling of the short loan, it is tempting to act quickly. In such a case you often forget to compare the different providers with each other, and with the comparison you can save a lot of money. That’s a shame not to do it. The comparison will not take much time and the money will still be in your account in 1 day in most cases.

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